The stash needs to go. I’m not into photographing it because it’s pretty boring. Lots and lots of random single to three or four ball skeins of whatever. I have a pile of Cascade 220–but all in different colorways. 1/2-3/4 full balls of Lamb’s Pride Worsted. In hot pink and lime green. You get the idea. Yarn baby teeth.

After fourish (fiveish?) years of knitting, it’s time to loose my baby teeth.

Right now I have the Modular Not for Baby Blanket on some needles. That’s potentially taking care of all my worsted weight yarns in cool, dark colors. But there’s still a tub of random stuff. And a tiny tub of sweater yarn and a few bags of Kureyon/Silk Garden. Sock yarn doesn’t count, right? At least that’s what I have heard.

My new goal is to have a variety of projects on the needles. This might be a bad idea because I don’t have much time to knit as it is, but whatever. The potential line up is as follows: blanket, sweater, socks, small destash project. The blanket will take forever because it’s going to be huge and it’s miles of stockenette. I’m swatching for a sweater right now. I have a pair of sock in my purse. The small destash is the one I’m worrying about because I just want this extra yarn out of my life. I’m going to start with a Calorimetry. With some 220.


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