Whew! Long overdue blog update. I can’t believe a month has just slipped by.

First things first. Teresa and I ventured a bit south for the Crafty Bastards sale in Silver Spring, MD. Teresa let me tag along as her assistant and she graciously let me sell some of my yarn bags at the table.

Yarn bags?

I brought nine and sold six. After my success at CB and the Bizarre Bazaar in Boston last year, I decided to open an etsy shop. Please visit Old Ball and Skein for your knitting/crocheting in public needs!

This design is original and brand new (for selling…I’ve been making ’em for years). The bag protects your yarn from getting dirty, tangled, or falling on the floor while the flaps allow your working yarn to feed out of the top. The box bottom allows the bag to stand up on its own and the snaps allow you to switch out projects without cutting and weaving extra ends. These bags are pretty big; they accommodate a range of weights from sock to chunky. All are fully linked, have a huge back pocket, and are machine washable.

Here’s an example of one in the shop right now:

That’s all I got for now. Next update will feature my finished quilt.


3 Responses to “News!”

  1. Alex G Says:

    ….I can’t find your etsy shop….

  2. pia Says:

    i love mine!!!

  3. pfirsch Says:

    I love mine, too! 😀

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