Why, hello!


Work has definitely eaten up all of my crafty time (who am I kidding, work takes up all my time!). I cannot wait for the break–I plan on getting ahead on my planning/grading and sewing up a storm (or at least a drizzle).

Until then, I am going to post some ancient Old Ball and Skein pictures. These are some of the bags I sold at the BBB last winter. Notice how the style has slightly changed.

I helped set up Miss T.’s table this year, but sadly couldn’t stay because of m’job. I had a few bags out, but nothing new.  We sat next to the charming Skunkadelic, who made this incredible clarinet “gun” that played Louis Armstrong when someone pulled the trigger.  Brilliant. I bought myself a birthday bag from regeneration.etsy.com and another kick-ass hat from beplanted.etsy.com.


I want to gush about work, but I’m never sure if this is the correct forum for it. Please know I’m totally happy and totally a) lucky to have a job and b) lucky enough to work with so many amazing, talented, and generous people. The kids are also fantastic. I might post a picture of my (shared) classroom soon. It’s a pretty a amazing/hilarious/kind of messy/inspiring space. I do feel overwhelmed about the lack of crafty/gym/friend/laundry time, but that will get better soon. And really, right now it’s all worth it. 😀


One Response to “Why, hello!”

  1. Jen Says:

    I hear you loud and clear on work! Teaching is so consuming. I’m working so hard to do a good job but to also have a life (read: do some laundry, spend time with the spouse, and maybe knit a little). I also think that it is perfectly okay to blog about work so long as it is (1) fair to yourself and others, (2) promotes processing of your experiences. I do the same.

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